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A durable, long-lasting, and natural looking restoration

While minor tooth damage and small cavities can be treated with a filling, advanced decay might necessitate a dental crown to restore oral health.

Dental crowns from Pickens Family Dentistry replicate the function and appearance of your natural tooth. Designed around your mouth, dental crowns are made from porcelain and blend in perfectly with your natural smile. 

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Benefits to dental crowns

  • Perfectly replicates the color of your natural teeth.
  • Custom made to fit your mouth and smile.
  • Durable enough to hold up to your lifestyle.

    Dental Crowns at Pickens Family Dentistry

    At Pickens Family Dentistry, we believe in treating the root cause of your oral health issues. For patients suffering from advanced tooth decay, it will always be our first priority to keep as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. 

    Depending on the severity of the decay, Dr. Pickens might recommend a crown on its own, or a root canal or dental implant. For dental implants and root canals, your dental crown will be the final step of the tooth replacement process.

    When you come to our office for an exam, we’ll always begin by completing a comprehensive examination and use our high-tech diagnostic tools to ensure an accurate diagnosis. From there, we’ll lay out our recommendation and answer any questions.

    Our Dental Crowns Process

    1. A mold will be made of your tooth and surrounding teeth to ensure your new restoration will be a perfect fit.

    2. This mold is sent to a lab, where a custom crown will be professionally milled. 

    3. A temporary crown will be placed while your crown is crafted.

    4. In 2 weeks, we’ll schedule an appointment to have your crown fitted and placed, making minor adjustments as needed to ensure a perfect fit.

    “This is the best dental office EVER. Honestly, I fly up from Southern California to get my teeth cleaned here and any other dental work done – I absolutely refuse to go anywhere else. Dr. Pickens and the staff are exceptional, and they’ll never, ever push work on you and will always make sure you’re comfortable and understand why any work needs to be done. HIGHLY recommended!”
    — KRISTA S.


    Dental Crowns FAQs

    How long do crowns last?

    With proper care, your porcelain crown will last between 10-15 years, potentially longer when staying on top of preventive dental care and following aftercare instructions. 

    How will I need to care for my crown?

    Crowns need to be cared for the same as any other tooth in your mouth — brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and attending twice-yearly preventive dental care appointments.

    Paying for Dental Crowns

    At Pickens Family Dentistry, we are proud to be a Delta Dental Premier Provider. No matter your insurance situation, we will help determine your benefits and, as a courtesy, bill the insurance company directly for you.

    If you have any questions about your insurance policy or claims, let us know. We’re always available to help. 

    Popular Payment Options 

    In addition to cash, check, and credit card, we can work with those who do not have insurance or are not currently covered and need financial assistance. 

    We work with and accept the following financing options:

    • FSA & HSA accounts

    • LendingClub®

    • CareCredit®


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