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Simple, non-invasive treatments to ensure a proper bite.


At Pickens Family Dentistry, we always look for the least invasive way to treat our patients. One way to provide patients with optimal non-invasive treatments is through the use of oral appliances.

Dental appliances are high-tech oral devices that gently reposition your bite to correct the root cause of your oral health problems. Appliances can help treat issues surrounding crooked or damaged teeth, breathing, tooth grinding, or much more. 

Oral appliances at Pickens Family Dentistry are custom made for each and every one of our patients. Depending on the specific issue you’re experiencing, Dr. Pickens will help you find the treatment that’s best for what you’re going through.

Dental Appliance Treatments at Pickens Family Dentistry:

  • Sleep Apnea
  • Teeth grinding
  • Jaw joint disorders
  • Bite issues
  • Bruxism
  • TMJ

    Pickens Family Dentistry’s Approach to Oral Appliances

    At Pickens Family Dentistry, our philosophy is that the only way to truly treat an oral health problem is to address the root cause. 

    We’ve invested in state-of-the-art technology to diagnose any problems you’re facing and offer the best possible dental appliance for you. Once we identify what’s causing trouble, Dr. Pickens will act as your oral health quarterback, providing you with different treatment options and helping you decide which is right for you.

    Oral appliances are always custom made to fit your exact mouth, gums, jaw, and smile. The beauty of dental appliances is that they work to permanently correct what’s going on with your mouth. This fundamental change will not only address whatever issue you’re facing now, but also stop countless other issues from developing in the future. A custom oral appliance is one of the best things you can do for the long-term state of your oral health and can help improve sleep, restore your energy and revitalize your overall health.

    I love it here! The staff is great, and very caring. The office its self is very cozy and relaxing, and Mr. Pickens was absolutely awesome, and the hygienist was super sweet. Over all best dentist ever!!

    Meet Dr. Drue Pickens

    Pickens Family Dentistry was founded by Dr. Drue Pickens to help Vancouver families discover just how great life is with a healthy smile.

    We think of every patient who walks through our doors as family. Our appointments are centered around treating you with compassion, kindness, and understanding so we can provide you with a consistently outstanding experience.

    You’ll always be welcomed by our friendly and helpful staff. They’re ready to help in whatever way they can. 

    At your appointment, you’ll be offered our extensive array of amenities, including pillows, blankets, noise-canceling headphones, and Netflix. It’s all here to make you feel your best.  

    We can’t wait for you to see how optimal health and wellness through dentistry can improve your life.


    At Pickens Family Dentistry, we can help with…

    Cleaning & Prevention 

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    Cosmetic Dentistry

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    Family Dentistry


    Dental appliances to set a healthy foundation for your future.

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