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Choosing Between Implants & Dentures

When you want to ensure you look and feel your best throughout your life, it is vital that you take some time every day to take care of your teeth. Make sure that you brush and clean them thoroughly and visit a dentist regularly to stay on top of any potential issues. Eventually, you might need to have some of your natural teeth extracted. When that time comes, there are replacement options out there that can help you maintain a natural looking smile as well as the functionality in your mouth. At Pickens Family Dentistry, we are proud to help you find the best replacement option to suit your needs.

Popular Tooth Replacement Options

When it comes to replacing your natural teeth, there are two options that are the most common and most popular. Dentures and dental implants tend to be the two replacement options that most patients opt for – but how do you decide between the two? Luckily enough, they have some pretty significant differences that should help you narrow down your decision. Let’s take a look at them!


When you have all of your teeth removed and need some replacement option quickly, dentures might be the best choice for you. Dentures are essentially bits of acrylic that are sculpted to look like real teeth and gums. They fit directly over your gum tissue, which means that they are removable and are held in place by suction and gravity. That also means that they can slide around quite a bit, however, which can make speaking and eating difficult.


Dental implants are another popular form of tooth replacement. Unlike dentures, however, implants are permanent solutions to missing teeth. They are not removable. In fact, they eventually fuse to your jawbone just like your natural teeth! That means that they are far more adept at providing natural functionality than dentures. You can use implants to do things like eat and speak with relative ease, and the implants themselves also work to keep the structural integrity of your face after you have had teeth removed.

Which option is best?

When you are looking for the best tooth replacement option, it is important to take into consideration your specific needs and goals. If you only need the appearance of teeth without the functionality, then dentures might be a great choice. You can use them to give you confidence while smiling throughout the day. If you are looking for something with a bit more functionality, then you might want to give implants a shot. Dental implants will help you maintain the quality of life to which you are accustomed. Depending upon your specific goals and budget concerns, either option could be the right one for you. If you are looking for a happy medium, you might want to consider fixed dentures – dentures that are fixed upon a few dental implants.

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