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Why Toothaches and Fevers Are a Bad Combination

Posted on 1/25/2018 by Dr. Pickens
Toothaches Pickens Family Dentistry WA 98662-6467A toothache by itself is painful enough but having one with a fever can be even worse. A fever can be a sign of something more serious. If you start to get a toothache, call us and we can help. However, if you have a fever too, you should see your family doctor and get antibiotics because you may have an infection.

Seeing your family doctor and us for the medication you need to control this dangerous combination right away is essential. Here are a few things that could be wrong with you that are causing the fever and toothache together.

Sinus Infection

A sinus infection is not an emergency, but it is a major pain for people. It can cause pain in your head, nose, and neck. To relieve a sinus infection, you will need some antibiotics to help get rid of the infection.

Once you start experiencing symptoms of a sinus infection, you should see your family doctor right away so he or she can help ease the pain and infection. You do not want this infection in your sinuses to go into the rest of your body and make you sick.

When to See a Dentist and a Doctor

When the fever and toothache combined get so bad that you can't stand the pain anymore, this is when you should see your dentist and your doctor.

Coming in to see us right away for this problem will help you determine what is causing it and we can give you medication to control both of the issues you are dealing with. Just make sure you also see your family doctor right away to address the fever.

Contact us for your tooth problems right away, and we will do whatever we can do to help ease your pain.

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