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Is Baking Soda the Best Ingredient to Help Clean Your Teeth?

Posted on 9/17/2017 by Dr. Pickens
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In the seemingly never-ending quest to find a product that leads to perfectly clean teeth, many people have turned to toothpastes containing a variety of ingredients. One popular ingredient is baking soda.

Long prized for its ability to absorb odors and help clean the items around the house, many people feel that baking soda offers them the best opportunity to have clean teeth.

However, is baking soda really the best way to get clean teeth? Might there be other products that do just as good of-or even a better-job? The answer, as with so many things in life, is simply this: it depends.

Baking Soda Uses

You probably are familiar with using baking soda in many of the simple cleaning tasks you perform around the house every day. Undoubtedly, baking soda does a good job in helping to scrub out the sink, or in aiding you in deodorizing dirty laundry.

Because of its popularity, it is easy to see why people might turn to toothpastes containing baking soda. And, it has an added allure: for those people who are interested in a more organic, "natural" cleaner, baking soda probably fits the bill.

Other Cleaners
However, if you are purely concerned about having clean teeth, there may be other products on the market that do just as good of a job as baking soda. Many toothpastes have been specially formulated to enhance their ability to clean your teeth.

What's more, given the decades of scientific research that goes into some of today's toothpastes, it is a fair assessment to say that they perform far beyond simple baking soda pastes.

Still, there is no questioning that toothpastes with baking soda in them do a good job of cleaning your teeth. Given its other benefits, baking soda at will probably be a popular choice for years to come.

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