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The Impact of Dental Problems on Your Confidence

Posted on 4/30/2017 by Dr. Pickens
A man suffering from a missing tooth.
Having poor oral health can lead to all kinds of health problems, that is a given. What many people don't often take into account though is that it can severely impact your personal confidence as well.

Whether your teeth are misaligned, you have a missing tooth, a rotting tooth, or halitosis, you might feel inclined to hide your mouth. This lack of self-confidence can lead to self-esteem problems and more if not taken care of.

Dental Problems Can Be Fixed

Perhaps you need braces or need a broken tooth repaired to feel “normal.” It is important to remember that those problems that plague you are fixable. When you know there is a problem, it is easy to see that problem whenever you look in the mirror. You aren't sure if other people can see it or not, or if it bothers them.

However, because it is on your mind so frequently, you feel as if there is a blinking light that says “Hey guys, look!” with a bright neon arrow pointing toward the problem. In reality, though, that is not the case. Normal is relative.

Your smile is beautiful regardless. However, it is possible that those with dental problems get bullied, looked at differently, or dismissed easily because of it. These problems are all, in one way or another, repairable. Where there is a will, there is a way!

These problems can negatively impact a lot of things in life, but impacting the way that one views themselves is a section all of its own. Living that way is stressful and difficult. No matter what, though, it can be fixed! If you have a problem, we have a solution!

You can have a smile that you love, and that others will envy. While it is easy to get caught up in the societal pressures to have a stick straight, bright white smile, remember, that most of those teeth you see aren't really that healthy if they really do look like that, and even then, chances are good that they don’t.

Please contact our office if you have any questions about your oral health.

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